The team will create the first adaptive, interactive video streaming program where rock-star math teachers deliver targeted instruction to students in a fun, engaging, game-based environment. The project will use machine learning, advanced video technology, and affect detection, allowing teachers to come alive while students complete problems, improving both motivation and academic learning outcomes.

Project Title

Beginning beta implementations with: Wayne County Public School District - WV, Brockton School District - MA, and Fall River School District - MA

  United States and Canada

Where it is used:
  • Wayne County Public School District, West Virginia
  • Brockton School District, Massachusetts
  • Fall River School District, Massachusetts
Project Summary


What’s the problem that Carnegie Learning is trying to solve?

Low-income students often don’t have access to role models and other motivational supports that are needed in math. This affects their sense of belonging in math classrooms and limits their ability to master skills.

What does MATHstream do? ​​

MATHstream creates a technology-based “super teacher” that combines human support with generative AI to provide immersive learning experiences for math students.

What is the wow factor here?

While most school populations in America today are majority-minority, only 7% and 9% of public school math teachers are Black and Hispanic. To address this issue, the program will be the first to use generative AI to offer students opportunities to engage more with teachers who look and act like them. This will promote belonging for underrepresented minority students.

How does it work?

Affective detectors and reinforcement learning algorithms will trigger a “super teacher” to intervene, driven by motivational supports, tasks, activities and videos to help students towards mastery of skills.

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Team Members

Steve Ritter
Founder and Chief Scientist at Carnegie Learning
Steve Rae
SVP of CL Next at Carnegie Learning
Stephen Fancsali
Director of Advanced Analytics at Carnegie Learning
Jamie Sterling
VP of Product, CL Next at Carnegie Learning