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Carnegie Mellon University’s PLUS: Personalized math tutoring at scale

By discussing the measured impact of PLUS, this case study demonstrates that instead of replacing tutors and teachers, generative AI can supplement them to excel at a large scale. Specifically, this piece features Maerah Mahmood, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University, as she navigated using PLUS while teaching virtually at a school in California. With the help of PLUS’ human tutoring framework and AI-powered dashboard, Mahmood dramatically increased student engagement and improved their performance in a short period. Mahmood’s experience is a testament to the power of PLUS, and its ability to identify struggling students and help teachers initiate academic interventions and personal connections...

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New LLMs for Math Education

Retrieval-augmented Generation to Improve Math Question-Answering: Trade-offs Between Groundedness and Human Preference

Interactive question-answering (QA) with tutors has shown to be an effective way for middle school math students to learn. While not all students have access to a tutor, large language models make it possible to automate portions of the tutoring process–including interactive QA to support students’ conceptual discussion of mathematical concepts. Some have questioned how LLM responses can be better aligned with a school’s curriculum. In this paper, Levonian and colleagues explore how retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) can help improve response quality by incorporating textbook information and other educational resources, while also identifying trade-offs of using RAG...

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Rising Academy’s Rori AI Chatbot “It has built my confidence”

Rising Academy’s Rori AI Chatbot: “It has built my confidence”

Rising Academy’s Rori AI Chatbot: “It has built my confidence” Last spring, Victor Appiah, a school leader at Rising Academy – Omega in Ghana, introduced Rising Academies’ ‘Rori’ AI-powered chatbot to his third grade students. For many students, this was their first time using a smartphone, and the excitement has been palpable. “They’re loving it,”...

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