Building upon the existing Eedi platform, the team will identify patterns in students’ mistakes to make recommendations about next steps. Using this “misconception map,” the Eedi team will infer the “best” misconception for a student to address next and recommend appropriate interventions, including:

1) Digital lessons that address latent misconceptions;

2) 1:1 human tutoring based on the student’s misconceptions analytics; and

3) Instant webinars to address misconceptions shared by a group of online students. By personalizing human tutoring, the team will maximize intervention capacity whilst retaining scalability.

Project Title

Enhancing Learning Through Understanding and Surfacing Misconceptions

  United Kingdom

Where it is used:
  • 141 schools since September 2022
Project Summary

What’s the problem that Eedi is trying to solve?

Students’ misconceptions are often cascading: One misconception, such as a number’s place value or how to approach an inverse operation, leads to another. But teachers do not always have the time to unearth deeply rooted misconceptions that impact students’ learning and grasp of important concepts.

What does the intervention do?

To address this issue, Eedi will create and deploy a “misconception map” that links to insights and analytics about student misconceptions and suggested interventions for teachers.

What is the wow factor?

The tool uses AI to help unpack students’ misconceptions. It will also help predict future misconceptions if the misconception is not resolved. This can help improve teaching.

How does it work?

Students take a diagnostic test that fuels insights on where misconceptions are taking place. Suggestions for interventions are proposed based on a database of 1,100 digital lessons that are tagged by construct. Where there is not a digital lesson, a human tutor comes in to help.

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Team Members

Ben Caulfield
CEO & Co-founder of Eedi
Dr. Simon Woodhead
Director of Research & Data & Co-founder of Eedi
Craig Barton
Director of Education for Eedi
Digory Smith
Data Scientist of Eedi
Iris Hulls
Chief Operating Officer of Eedi