Rori is a math tutor chatbot built for low-literacy, low-income students in Africa. Utilizing the ubiquitous communication channel WhatsApp, it aims to build their foundational math skills. Rori’s goal is to bring cutting-edge technology, using natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, wrapped inside a user-friendly WhatsApp bot to the students who need it most — children without access to great schools and foundational numeracy skills.

Project Title

Rori: WhatsApp Math Tutor Chatbot to foster foundational math skills from anywhere

  Ghana/ Accra, Sierra Leone/ Freetown
Where it is used:
  • Rising networks in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia
Project Summary

What’s the problem that Rising is trying to solve?

Almost 90 percent of the school-age population in Africa is not mastering math skills by the end of middle school. While students benefit from one-to-one tutoring, not all students have access to such resources.

What does Rori do?

Rori makes one-to-one tutoring accessible and scalable by offering a chatbot. The chatbot uses AI to gauge appropriate difficulty levels of math problems as well as natural language processing to deliver positive messaging and explanations about how math skills can be relevant to daily life or career aspirations.

What is the wow factor?

Rori manages to deliver individualized, high-quality tutoring through low-bandwidth, low-tech methods that pose tremendous solutions in low- and middle-income contexts. While the reliability and creativity of GPT-3 has garnered skepticism among some educators, Rori is unique in that it uses a combination of GPT-3 and rule-based chat to ensure that learners have the best of both worlds: a chatbot that uses natural, human language while sticking to the task of mathematical learning. What’s more, if the GPT-3 intervention works, it will show the value of these sorts of interventions in low-resource educational settings.

How does it work?

Rori 1.0 is used among students at Rising Academies’ schools in Ghana to supplement classroom instruction. Rori 2.0 will offer more personalized types of feedback and engage students to reflect on their strategies for problem-solving via WhatsApp.

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Team Members

Shabnam Aggarwal
Chief Technology Officer at Rising Academy Network
George Cowell
Chief Strategy Officer of Rising Academy Network
Owen Henkel
Graduate Researcher at the University of Oxford